Hand –Crafted Cheese Made with Care

Authentic artisan cheeses are made on a small scale, and they often use the milk from a single herd of animals on the cheese producer’s own farm.  As little mechanization as possible is used in the production of this cheese.  It is made by hand and traditional methods of aging are used.  Making impeccable artisan cheese in Andover, MA, is a slow and labor-intense process that includes letting the cheeses form a natural rind or binding the rind in cloth. Making artisanal cheese means unpasteurized milk can be used because the cheese-maker can control the taste and amount of the ingredients.  Unpasteurized milk adds extra flavor as well because the cheese has captured the taste that was truly intended.

Artisan cheeses come in a variety of intense and pleasing flavors that can come from any type of milk, including that from cows, sheep, goats, and buffalos. There are numerous reasons to eat and love artisanal cheese. You’ll want to have cheese at every meal once you experience true artisanal cheese. Some of the many features that make artisan cheese in Andover, MA, at Town Market exceptional include the following:

  • Outstanding Quality & Taste: To properly make artisanal cheese, unpasteurized farm cheeses are used. They add a depth of flavor and excellent taste that cannot be imitated by mass production.
  • Uniqueness: Each and every farm cheese is different from the next, even if they follow a similar recipe.  So, there is an exceptional amount of diversity.
  • Sustainable Farming: The method of making artisan cheese in Andover, MA, is always linked with sustainable farming, rather than industrial production.  Often from traditional breeds of cow, the animals are usually allowed to roam freely on the pasture.
  • Support Rural Economies. A small family farm that makes a profit from making cheese allows them to continue to manage their land and put their resources back into the business.
  • Natural Rinds. Cheeses that are covered by wax may not have the same fresh flavor as a cheese with a natural rind.
  • Unpasteurized Cheese. Using unpasteurized cheese is made on a small scale because the maker adds a number of steps with care and attention.