Family-Friendly Places to Eat in Andover, MA

When you are looking for places to eat in Andover, MA, which cater to families, there are a few things to consider. It’s always nice to have the choice to dine inside or outside, particularly if you are eating with young children. You want to choose a place that guarantees as much relaxation as possible. Everyone in your family wants to have an enjoyable dining experience together. Some questions to ask yourself before you take the family out to dinner are:

  • Is there seating in the waiting area?
  • Does the restaurant provide booster seats and high chairs?
  • Do the restrooms include a changing table?
  • Are there coloring activities to keep the children occupied?
  • Is the menu available online?
  • Are their menu items specific to kids?
  • Is the building safe enough to children to do a little roaming?

Kid-friendly restaurants are more popular today than ever before. In fact, menus for children have gotten more sophisticated and are no longer just chicken fingers and fries. However, there have been incidents of 5-star restaurants banning babies from bars and restaurants. One of those restaurants banned kids under the age of 7. Those “children-banned” restaurants claim they want to provide a child-free dining experience for their loyal patrons. They risk alienating numerous parents and grandparents in the process, which in time could negatively impact their profits.

As busy parents, it’s natural to want to dine out with your whole family together. If you are traveling, sources like TripAdvisor are filled with information about the most desirable family restaurants. There are a number of family-friendly places to eat in Andover, MA, including the Café at Town Market. With its locally sourced meals that offer items from an in-house bakery to its grand selections of craft beers for the grown-ups, this place is welcoming and delicious.

When restaurants are on the side of the families, they are sure to create a loyal following among those customers. If the staff is friendly toward the children, and the tables are large, that family will feel welcomed and cared for.  Check out some of the best places to eat in Andover, MA. Start with Town Market for fresh treats and the perfect meal for every occasion.