Questions for Hiring a Caterer for Food in Andover, MA

When you’re ready to hire a caterer for a holiday party, wedding, or any special event where there is food, keep in mind how important it is to trust the service you choose. You want to hire the caterer who meets your needs in style as well as food needs. For example, if you are having an at-home party for close friends, and have chosen farm-to-table catering for food in Andover, MA, from Town Market, you want the vendor’s staff to look neat in nice informal clothes.

You may be having a casual outdoor barbeque or planning a formal wedding for 500 guests. Whatever the case, you want the catering staff to be dressed appropriately for the event. That way they blend in as they are providing service, rather than looking out of place and inappropriately attired. While there are never too many questions to ask of a catering vendor, some of the most practical include the following:

  • Exactly what products and services are included in your price?
  • Are there certain services that are not included, such as pouring coffee or cutting cake?
  • Have you ever worked at this venue before?
  • How many servers per number of guests do you provide?
  • Is it possible to have a tasting in advance? Do you charge for that?
  • Do you provide the flatware, dishes, and glasses?
  • How do you handle changes in the number of guest at the last minute?
  • Where do your ingredients come from?
  • Are you able to provide child meals and meals that are allergy-friendly?
  • What happens to the leftover food?

Town Market is a popular caterer from our fresh food market  in Andover, MA, for at-home functions, business events, and at special venues. They specialize in sourcing products and ingredients from local vendors, and the catering menu includes everything from house-made ice cream to chicken broccoli ziti. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are on the menu, as well as everything in between.  Visit their website to review the choices for food in Andover, MA from For more information about your catering needs, call (978) 409-2328.