An Abundance of Artisanal Food in Andover, MA

Artisans are people who make things by hand; in the past that was mostly arts and crafts. The Industrial Age changed all that with factories, assembly lines, and machines that replaced many artisans. Today, most of our foods are processed in factories.

With the exponential growth of farmer’s markets and farm-to-table restaurants, artisanal foods are on the shelves and bins of more and more markets. Artisanal comes from the word “artisan” and pertains to foods that are not mass produced by industrialized methods. Think of aged cheese and handmade breads. Some of the recipes used to make these kinds of foods have been handed down through generations. Many of the group of artisanal foods need to ferment slowly or are developed by a process that requires a number of steps to be followed. These methods do not lend themselves to mass production.

Artisanal foods are often considered the same as natural, organic, or gourmet foods. And while this is sometimes the right definition for them, “artisanal” when it comes to food, is not always defined the same way as those foods. In today’s world, artisanal food is usually defined by its non-industrialized production methods. It can be produced in small-to-medium batches but the artisan is involved every step of the way. The processes used to produce artisanal food are nothing like the 24/7 continuous food production of our processed foods.

You can find so-called artisan pizza, cheeseburgers, and sandwiches for sale, but these products are most likely usurping the broadest possible definition of the word. Hand-crafted, regional American foods, such as the following, may be found in the Town Market Andover, in Andover, MA.

  • Cheese
  • Beer
  • Chocolate
  • Bread
  • Meats
  • Jellies

On a visit to Town Market Andover you find a menu filled with artisanal kinds of food. This fresh-food market, café, and catering service includes an in-house bakery. You can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner there and shop for fresh farm products after your meal. Our local eatery is known for its farm-produced fresh food market in Andover, MA. They even have locally roasted coffee on the menu, along with all-natural, freshly spun ice cream made with a local dairy.