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The brewing of craft beer has grown exponentially in the last decade. Chances are you live near a craft brewery yourself, even if you haven’t searched for one. One explanation for the popularity of craft beer is that dedicated beer drinkers are exploring more kinds of beers. For example, India Pale Ale, better known as IPA, is growing by leaps and bounds. It turns out that more and more beer drinkers are enjoying a strong hops favor. In addition, some recent research has shown that craft beer—when drunk in moderation—can be good for your health.

Do you have questions about how to determine what kind of craft beer you’re drinking? Do you stick to one kind of craft beer or are you an adventurous craft beer drinker. To some extent the definition of craft beer is subjective. However, the basic characteristics of beer are its appearance, aroma, flavor, and amount of alcohol.  When you shop local, you are sure to find an interesting collection like those at the leading craft beer store in Andover, MA, at Town Market.

Many beer drinkers want to support their local markets. And others insist that craft beer tastes better, especially with pasta or burgers. The more local your brewery is, the fresher the taste of your craft beer. Some of the benefits of drinking craft beer, especially from a reputable craft beer store in Andover, MA, are that you can always find out what’s in its ingredients. Craft beers consist mainly of four different ingredients: hops, grains, yeast, and water.

There are countless funny, odd, and outrageous names to some of the most popular craft beers. Why do their brewers give them those kinds of names? Because they can. Many of the names of craft beers are as intriguing as their taste, for example:

  • Arrogant Bastard Ale
  • Blind Pig IPA
  • Duck Duck Gooze
  • Hop Zombie
  • Smooth Hoperator
  • Human Blockhead
  • Beard of Zeus

For some of the finest local New England craft beers, visit Town Market, a leading craft beer store in Andover, MA. Visit to find out more about our specialty supermarket that specializes in local goods.